Community Organization

Orlando Media invests a substantial amount of time and energy into supporting local businesses, and projects within the community of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. One of our largest is the online community called, Hello Dartmouth.

What is Hello Dartmouth ?

Back in 2011 it occurred to us that the Darkside needed some love. We all live, work and play here in this great City of Lakes and we are proud of her. We’ve spent all these years listening to jibes and pokes about our city of Dartmouth. But this city is vibrant, creative and has an entrepreneurial spirit that grows stronger everyday.

Hello Dartmouth’s purpose is not just to feature local events and stories, but to learn about what the people of Dartmouth are doing, and, most importantly, to have a say. To be a voice for Dartmouth. Show your love of this great city. This is about Dartmouth Pride. A platform to share the Dartmouth View. The D-Side.

An online community that focus’ purely on the Dartmouth community, it’s people, the community, events and all that it has to offer.

Why was it started?

It was clear that there was a stigma attached to living in Dartmouth. It was rare that the news would report on anything positive about the Dartmouth community.

It all started as a simple Twitter feed touting all that was positive in 2011. It was called DSide and it quickly grew its readership and a Facebook account was added. Along with sharing events, articles were produced and were posted within the site Haligonia. In 2013, interest was at an all time high and a new name and brand was created. A new team was formed along with entrepreneur, Stacey Cayea and community advocate Kate Watson.

What is our range?

Boundaries. Including Cole harbour, Eastern Passage, Dartmouth North, Burnside, Waverly, Cow Bay, Eastern Passage , Preston

Where can you find Hello Dartmouth?

The HD online presence spans multiple social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and main news site.