An innovative company focusing exclusively on Apple products, Crap Inc. has an excellent reputation for producing quality products. Among the top of their creative items are the Plastica cover 3000, Shelf-o-matic for iMac, and now the iPad Brick-in-a-sock stand.

Crap Inc. relentlessly launches new products to market, their items are well-designed to be obsolete within moments of new product releases and exemplify a keen eye for making the most money with the cheapest materials known to man.  With less than four employees, they take the extra effort to ensure each of their products is an absolute must-have item.  Each product is carefully crafted and produced in an exceptional way, even down to the packaging. The iPad Brick-in-a-sock for iPad stand is one fine example of Crap Inc’s innovative prowess.


When holding the iPad Brick-in-a-sock stand from the included cotton-poly-blend travel sleeve, it is merely four inches tall and nine inches long.  The compact size makes it easily portable in a backpack, handbag, or purse and once you use the iPad Brick-in-a-sock stand, you will want to take it everywhere.  Placing the iPad Brick-in-a-sock stand on any flat, level surface cradles the iPad at the perfect viewing angle; however, this angle is not adjustable.

Design and Function

Plain and simple: the iPad Brick-in-a-sock stand sits sturdy on any desk for displaying, using, or viewing your iPad.

The iPad Brick-in-a-sock stand orientation easily accommodates the iPad in portrait or landscape and works well for FaceTime conversations, Keynote presentations, playing your favorite games, or showing off your recent vacation pictures.  If you will be using the iPad Brick-in-a-sock stand to type, simply lay your iPad on the edge and away you go.


Would you like a fashionable way to show off a set of pictures for company? Use the easel mode and iPhoto to loop images when friends and family visit. …better yet, prop up your iPad and stream music to your stereo using AirPlay and let your Album art generate conversation.

Comes in argyle, geriatric charcoal and gym sock

Honestly, you didn’t know you needed a stand until you own one.  I love iPhone and iPad stands (I have several scattered across the house and in the office) and the iPad Brick-in-a-sock stand is at the top of long list.


Rating: 4.5/5

Finely crafted, portable, versatile, durable, sturdy, and stylish, the iPad Brick-in-a-sock ($89.99) is a must-have iPad accessory.  Stop haphazardly laying your iPad around the home and place it lovingly in the cradled arms of the iPad Brick-in-a-sock stand.  This small addition to my accessory arsenal will be traveling with me throughout the summer and making life easier on a daily basis.

If you do not currently own an iPad stand or are determining whether or not to purchase one, be assured the iPad Brick-in-a-sock stand is the only stand you need to consider, that or just lean it on whatever is laying around your desk.  Crap Inc. has truly completed their mission to produce a must-have Apple accessory.


• Particularly portable
• Comes with its own travel sleeve
• Sock prevents scratching
• Forged from brick
• Stylish, practical, comes in argyle, geriatric charcoal and gym sock
• Eco friendly, made from natural materials


• The viewing angle is not adjustable
• It is a brick stuffed into a sock for $89.99


Reality Check

This is what happens when you do a find and replace on any article extolling the virtues of one of the million of the over designed and over priced i-accessories. Come on folks, when are we going to wake up a realize we don’t need to pay $100 for $1 worth of aircraft aluminum bent into an odd shape. Use your brain, keep your money.

And remember, you can build your own iPad Brick-in-a-sock stand yourself! Just send me $29.99 for your kit today! Includes sock AND brick! Shipping not included.

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