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Finding the right fit with a creative can be a daunting task. But if you ask yourself these four essential questions you can find and build a lasting relationship that will be an asset to your company.


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[creativ_col position=”a”]Do they understand your industry? No matter if your needs are marketing, design, or writing, your creative team needs to know your target audience. They need to have a clear understanding of your competitors and the world in which you exist, to be truly effective.[/creativ_col]

[creativ_col position=”b”]Do they keep up with your requirements?  Taking the time to clearly define your needs and deliver is essential. If you are unclear of what is being delivered before you begin, it can spell disaster with ‘scope creep’, which could mean disaster for both your project and pocketbook.[/creativ_col]

[creativ_col position=”c”]Have you learned anything new today? Let me be frank (pun intended). No one knows it all. However you need to trust in your creative to have your best interests at heart. Learning to trust in your creative team may be difficult at first. Often times this requires going outside your ‘comfort zone’. Of course common sense should prevail. If you are in a relationship that feels wrong, it probably is. It may be time to shop around.[/creativ_col]

[creativ_col position=”d”]Can we talk? This one will sound pretty obvious but when was the last time you really talked to your creative? Does it seem like once you sign off on your mockups you’re left wondering what’s up. There should be an open and clear ongoing discussion on progress that is tailored to your needs. If you’re constantly wondering what is up then perhaps you should move to greener pastures.[/creativ_col]