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Gordon is a multi-talented Cinematographer and an Award Winning Commercial Director. He learned his craft in many countries, languages and cultures. After graduating from Yale with a degree in Literature and Art History he ‘worked his way up’ through the film industry at the international crossroads of Miami. He was fortunate to learn from many of the top European and North American Cinematographers and Commercial Directors shooting throughout the West Indies and the Americas. Gordon speaks and works in three languages: English, French and Spanish; born in Jamaica, he also speaks patois. He currently resides with his family in Nova Scotia.

An engaging storyteller, he knows the medium must be organic and servant to the message.

As a Director, Gordon is affable, perceptive and succinct. He has a great eye for casting and is good with kids, dogs and real people as well as professional actors. Having worked in over thirty countries, he is an excellent problem solver: able to bring the best out of what the location, talent, crew and budget have to offer. His visual lexicon encompasses bold image, captivating vignette, stunning landscape, thrilling perspective and the subtle shadings of dramatic lighting. An engaging storyteller, he knows the medium must be organic and servant to the message.

Gordon’s international perspective, facility with languages and technical proficiency combine in a uniquely versatile talent. Identifying, understanding and shaping nuance is his forte: whether through the manipulation of lighting, lens choice, camera movement, body language, characterization or cultural iconography.

Gordon has won numerous awards as Director/Cameraman including an International Gold Mercury Award and Finalist at the London International Advertising Awards in 2003 for “Lundrigan’s Marsh” Nature Conservancy of Canada and in 2004 a Silver International Summit Award for “Airport” Liberal Party of Newfoundland & Labrador. As well in 2004 he was the Cinematographer on “Dentist” Canadian Automobile Association, which won a First Place Mobius Award and on “AJFF” Atlantic Jewish Film Festival, which was three weeks in the AdCritic top ten.

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